Sunday, 10 November 2013

1st entry for today!! =)

*ehem.. uhukk* 

hye there!!.. welcome to my blog ---> "Food-A-Holic" .. 

This is a very simple blog but informative.. InsyaAllah.. I will try my best to share with all ya' food loverrr out there on interesting info about foods... =)  It's all about the FOODS and stuffs related to it... and the reason why I did this blog is because it is part of our assignment in Food Anthropology subject... and also because I'm a Food-A-Holic (a lover of food according to wiktionary)... hope you guys enjoy reading my post.. well, that's all for now guys and girls.. don't forget to tune in on my next post and follow ok.. thank you amigos~~  (^___^)

p/s : short post but actually it took me a long time to write this... tsk..tsk.. T__T

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